Lighting systems are an important element in the total experience of the owner and the guests. Setting the mood for an evening of dining and entertainment, or just watching a movie, can be achieved by the correct lighting fixtures and light control. Savant's intelligent lighting control gives you a level of control over your rooms' light environments that goes a step beyond the ability to easily adjust your lighting, shades and thermostat settings.


With Savant you can create beautiful lighting scenes, automate landscape and security lighting to respond to variable sunset times throughout the year; setup master control in key locations, automatically adjust lights for video conferencing or multi-media presentations and more. Savants breakthrough TrueImage technology is a flexible way to control all the lighting around your environment. It renders your room photographs to help you touch and control your lighting fixtures seeing the change in real-time both on the iPad’s interface and the room.


With Savant’s lighting control systems you can remotely check and control lighting status while away from home or office using your iOS and Android device. When you’re on the move, all it takes is the simple touch of a button to monitor lighting status and activate an “All Off” button to make sure that lights haven’t been unnecessarily left on. Also to help you save money Savant’s intelligent lighting will let you automatically dim your lights by 25% for a 20% reduction in energy costs. Our intelligent lighting solutions help you create an eco-friendly and cost-efficient home or office - one that acts in your best interest whether you are in your home or office or out on the road.