Security and Surveillance

Automated home security systems offer ultimate peace of mind and endless safety options.
With Savant you can automate your home security and surveillance, creating a total security system by integrating security features such as alarms and CCTV surveillance cameras with other home automation functions. At home or away - press one button to activate motion sensors and security cameras, turn on exterior night lights, close every blind, and automatically lock all the doors.

Activate home automation security from anywhere in the world to get a complete visual check of your home, inside and out, by viewing security cameras from your iOS or Android device.
Savant makes it easy to monitor and control the safety and security of your home to ensure that loved ones and personal property are always protected.


No longer do you have to see fuzzy black and white video footage of people approaching your property. Today’s surveillance cameras deliver HD picture quality, vivid colors, and can capture footage 360 degrees around.

Now you can rest safe at night and all throughout the day knowing you are aware and connected to everything happening at home. 


You can receive smart home system notifications when the kids arrive home from school; if anyone enters or exits the home; or if a garage door has been left open.