Savant automation control systems provide a powerful platform for uniting your marine electronics, audio visual entertainment, security, climate control systems and more into a coherent digital environment with a single, easy-to-use control interface.

Ideal for luxury launches, commercial marine and charter boats, our intuitive user interface options make it easy to control all aspects of your environment. It can also allow you to integrate your security system so you can access your security system any time of the day or night - even remotely using Savant's revolutionary iOS and Android apps.Savant application provides ease of use and comfort to the owner and the guests while controlling the rooms of the yachts. Beside these controls, you can easily control the curtains and motorized lifts of the TV’s, multi-zone audio video distribution with the application effortlessly.

Also wherever you are, you can monitor boat rooms, having real-time information of the temperature, audio and video systems on or off status and volume levels, lighting armatures on or off status and the lighting levels.The passcode system inside the application enables unfamiliar guests to only control their own room to prevent them from controlling the whole yachts system. After they are given their passcodes they can control their own room with their iPhones or the iPads too. They can also control the lighting armatures and the blinds with the keypads on the wall.

Considering the quantity of the electronic devices and systems are being used in each rooms and decks of the yacht, the comfort of using all of facilities with a single application is priceless.

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