Ease of Use

We believe the key to creating an intuitive way to manage your home or business environment lies in providing a seamless integrated system that's easy to manage.


Other control systems force you to learn complicated interfaces in order to manage devices they control. That's because they're designed by traditional electrical engineers without minding software in the first place. It is hard to say that anyone can pick up and use the system, without studying a manual.

Savant's approach is different. Products and Apps are designed to be used easily by anyone. Rather than forcing you to use complex, proprietary systems to manage your technology we let you use the devices you get used to use every day - your Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Google Android devices.

Some of our products are based on Apple technology - bringing Apple's famed ease of use to home and office automation. The global success of the iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad are testament to how easy and intuitive that products are to understand and operate.